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Dear contractor,

Greetings from CAST Lighting. We are contacting you because of your interest in perimeter security, especially with regard to fence illumination.

As you may know, the CAST LED Perimeter Light won two lighting industry awards – Best in Category for “Industrial, Vandal, Emergency, and Exit Lighting” and the industry’s highest award, “Most Innovative Product of the Year”

In the months since winning the award, we have received a mountain of requests from the security, defense, and facility management industries.

This and future newsletters will keep you up to date with the development of our perimeter lighting solutions, and provide you with technical data on perimeter security in general.

New Videos & Images

CAST LED Perimeter Light Intro Video

CAST LED Perimeter Light Install – Aquarius Supply Case Study Video

Security Need 

Located in Hawthorne, NJ, this large distributor of green industry supplies has open-storage inventory in their one-acre back lot. Surrounded on three sides by a 10-foot chain link fence with barbed wire, the company has a history of theft. Lighting from adjacent lots provide some illumination but the company wished to test the effectiveness of additional perimeter lighting.

System Specifications 

A single 200-ft length of fence was selected for the demo. LED Perimeter Lights (CPL1) were attached to fence posts every 20 ft. for a total of 10 fixtures. A single 300 VA, 24V, CAST Perim

eter Transformer (CPT300) powered the system.


Installation was undertaken with a 2-man crew and completed within 3 hours. Client was extremely impressed with the brightness along the fence and within a 20 ft. region both inside and outside the perimeter. The position of lights on the fence illuminated regions previously in deep shadow.

CAST LED Perimeter Lighting System Cost

  • (10) CPL1 fixtures:
  • (1) CPT300 Transformer:
  • 250 Feet #14/2 Low Voltage No-Ox Wire:
  • Energy Cost: $40/year
  • 10-year Maintenance: 3 Hrs. Cleaning: $30

Cost Comparison*

A cost-comparison was done by specifying a comparable system installation of (10) fence-mounted High Pressure Sodium (HPS) 50W Flood Lights, operating at 277 volts.

  • Energy Cost: $274/year
  • 10-year Maintenance: 5 Lamp replacements: $957

Cost advantages comparing the CAST LED system and High-Pressure Sodium System:

  • Savings in Energy Cost: 85%
  • Savings in Maintenance: 97%
  • Total 10-year savings: $7,205

*This HPS system was selected for comparison because it is designed to perform the same function as the CAST system – with a similar fence-mounted configuration. It also represents the kind of installation that all 120 or 277 V systems require. Other pole-mounted perimeter lights are likely to produce similar cost comparisons. The costs for the HPS system were obtained from an independent bid from local contractors.

New Planning, Installation, & Maintenance Manual

Please contact us to request a free demo, and to discuss your perimeter lighting needs.

Thank you,

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